M3M Capital Walk - 1 KM Long Retail Market 

M3M is ready to raise the bar again, by developing the first-ever high-street experience on the Dwarka Expressway-M3M Capitalwalk. A colossal landmark that will boast of 876 shops, with a strip mall-inspired design to give each storefront a greater presence and maximum visibility, an iconic grand frontage will greet you including great entertainment and dining options to indulge.

A perfect mix of retail & F & B

➤ Double - height showrooms.

➤ Multiple entries to the project.

➤ Massive frontage for an awe - inspiring experience.

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Discover a Neighbourhood Where the world comes together

For any business to flourish, location plays a significant role. Situated on the Dwarka Expressway with a huge catchment of 2 Lakh+ people which is expected to go up by 5 lakh in the next 1.5 years and with top corporates moving to this area, this location is ought to be the next CBD of Gurugram. With seamless connectivity, it also enjoys the social fabric of Delhi and Gurugram.

➤ 30 + Premium Residences

➤ 25 + International Schools

➤ 10 + Multi-speciality Hospitals

➤ 10 + Five Star Hospitals

➤ 32,516 sq. m. (3.5 Lakh sq. ft) of Commercial Space

An Iconic Destination for the Shoppers

M3M Capitalwalk is a perfect show window for every retail brand. The four floor retail provides the consumers an array of options to indulge. From apparels to jeweller y, food to entertainment, this one-of-a-kind architecture landmark with excellent site access condition, both above and below ground, will create a lucrative retail opportunity for the investors.

➤ 76,695.4 sq. m (8, 25,543 sq. ft.) of retail experience.

➤ Triple-height.

➤ 40 ft wide entrance.

➤ Multiple anchor stores and hypermarkets.

A Linear Retail Format On A National Highway

M3M Capitalwalk is the first retail project under Smart City Delhi Airport, a development by M3M. Being a part of this grand development, it has two retail blocks, one facing the 150 m wide road and the other 24 m wide road facing the Dwarka Expressway. One of the strong differentiators is the linear format, providing high visibility to each shop.

➤ 14 entries for ease of access.

➤ Ample parking space.

➤ 4-levels of Retail.

➤ Linear format for highest visibility.

A Thoughtful Design with supeior Connectivity

The main attraction of this retail paradise is its trailblazing design. A frontage of around 1Km* will never miss any sight. The triple-height portals provide an excellent entrance experience, making it a delightful experience to remember.

➤ Free-flowing well-connected atrium for seamless movement .

➤ Elevators and escalators for smooth connectivity.

➤ A self-sustainable smart neighbourhood design .

➤ Outdoor patios for people to relax.

➤ GRIHA 4-star rating.

Where The Eyes Go, Foot Follow

Changing the face of retail, M3M is bringing a whole new concept of strip High-street in India. People are drawn to their convenience, while retailers love the visibility they gain from here. Both these qualities are present in abundance at M3M Capitalwalk, where a mix of varied shops makes for an impressive frontage. Attracting attention and garnering footfall will never be this easy.

➤ Large frontage for clear visibility.

➤ 6.75-metre double -height shops and 4.75 m regular shops.

➤ Wide boulevards.

A Destination with Every Convenience Around

The anchor stores at M3M Capitalwalk are flagship establishments that highlight what’s best about this modern high street retail destination. Each of the three anchor stores graces a different section of the strip mall, giving it a natural spread and making access easier. Furthermore, each store is designed to delight customers with a combination of awe-inspiring scale and great options to indulge.

➤ Multiple anchor spaces.

➤ Hypermarket on lower ground floor.

A Complete Package To Ensure Success

M3M Capitalwalk is the perfect amalgam of all the right ingredients of a perfect and successful retail. From a huge captive audience to a vantage location, it has ever y element that makes your land stand apart from others and become a landmark.

➤ Widest frontage of India.

➤ A humongous catchment of 5 lakh+ people.

➤ Around 32,516 sq. m. (3.5 lakh) sq. ft. of commercial space in the vicinity.

➤ Situated in the heart of Delhi NCR.

➤ Located on a National Highway.

Location Advantages

➤ 3 mins Travel Time to Asia’s Largest Convention & Exhibition Centre.

➤ 5 mins Travel Time to Diplomatic Enclave II.

➤ 7 mins Travel Time to International Airport (IGI).

➤ 7 mins Travel Time to Delhi’s Transportation Hub.

➤ 15 mins Travel Time to International Sports Complex.

➤ 20 mins Travel Time to South Delhi.